V4 + together with ACI EUROPE


On January 11th, 2022 this V4+ Airport Association representatives met with the ACI Europe representation.
The talks on the cooperation of our association took place as part of the meeting between the Polish Airports State Enterprise and ACI Europe.
One of the challenges of the V4+ will be a close cooperation with the international aviation family. We have declared that one of the first activities after the formal establishment of the organization will be joining ACI Europe as a member, as is the case of 8 other airport associations, e.g. from Germany, France or Great Britain. We have declared our openness to implementation and involvement in ACI Europe initiatives, on the other hand. We have been assured that we can count on ACI EUROPE’s support in the activities carried out by our organization.

Report – V4+ Association 2022-2024

SELECT LANGUAGE: EN | PL DOWNLOAD (PDF) 04.2022 – 04.2024 The aviation industry's severe experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of a functional platform that would enable the exchange of experiences and enhance cooperation among airports in...

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WIND2024 – Save the date

We are delighted to be able to announce a new event we are organizing for women in the aviation sector. This coming June, the first conference dedicated to women in Central Europe will take place in a beautiful Alpine valley. Suistanable journey, travel retail,...

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BCU – SL Industry Skills Center for Airport Services

EN Industry Skills Center for Airport Services for the aviation industry in the field of Operation of airports and airport terminals (BCUSL) at the non-public Technical Secondary School named after the 72nd Infantry Regiment in Radom was on the list of projects that...

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