JCAII is a world leader in providing Digitalized Deicing management hardware and software. Our company’s sole mission is to provision airports with complete technological infrastructure built on safety systems to facilitate maximum throughput in winter operations.

Icelink® introduces digitization into deicing operations. It enables real-time communication between stakeholders. It provides electronic data reports and analytics for informed decision-making. Icelink proven ROI enables our customers to achieve measurable savings; Turning Snow Days into Pay Days.

Our turn-key trac and process management resource planning solutions for airports, airlines and service providers are available in over 150 airports worldwide.


Gate area stand de-icing management

  • Icelink® Basic
  • Icelink® Pilot
  • Icelink® Deicer
  • Icelink® Global View
  • Icelink® SmartPad


Complete integration and connectivity to deicing management external systems available.

  • Business Integrations
  • Auto Docking system
  • Flight Deck EFB
  • Virtual Tower (ATM)
  • A-CDM
  • Business intelligence AOC
  • Dispatch
  • AODB,
  • Deice Truck,
  • Airport Weather systems network

More info about the company: https://jcaii.com/