Comtegra is a systems integrator specializing in particular: Data Protection & Business Continuity, Data Management, Virtualization, Enterprise Mobility Management, Data Security, Database & Analytics, Exascale Computing & Big Data, Cloud services, service, maintenance and warranty services.

The history of the company is over 20 years of continuous activity on the Polish IT market. Since its establishment in 1999, the first few years Comtegra supplied storage infrastructure. Experience with disk and tape systems and later software backup allowed Comtegra claim to be storage integrator. Further, sustainable development of services portfolio, as well as investment in qualified sales and engineering staff allowed Comtegra to achieve the status of full-fledged systems IT integrator.

Currently Comtegra is a stable company with a team of almost 115 specialists, whose competences allow to implement the most advanced ICT projects, which brings its users efficiency, business continuity and optimization and security.

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