Abacus Lighting

Abacus Lighting was founded in 1958, and began life in a shed in the same town we are based in today. 65 years later, we are renowned worldwide as the go-to provider for technically-brilliant, yet Energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. Our roots are in the U.K and our company, established for over 60 years has a celebrated heritage in British engineering.

“Lighting the World Beyond Expectation” is our mission statement. We do this by constantly finding anddeveloping new innovations in lighting through our exceptional people, technology, and passion for delivering service to our customers.

Abacus Lighting stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and expertise in the field of airport lighting. With a rich history of innovation spanning several decades, we have solidified our reputation as a trusted partner for airports around the world, providing comprehensive lighting solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and aesthetics within aviation environments.

One of Abacus Lighting key strengths lies in our ability to integrate advanced technologies into our lighting solutions. This includes energy-efficient LED lighting, intelligent lighting controls, and remote monitoring systems. These innovations not only enhance visibility and navigation for pilots and ground personnel but also contribute to reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

In addition to our technical prowess, Abacus Lighting places a strong emphasis on compliance with international aviation regulations and standards. Our lighting solutions are designed to adhere to the guidelines set forth by organisations like the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring that airports remain in full regulatory compliance. Abacus Lighting approach is characterised by a holistic understanding of airport operations. We collaborate closely with airport authorities, engineers, and stakeholders to create customised lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and address specific challenges faced by each airport. This client-centric approach has led to successful installations in a diverse array of airport environments, from major international hubs to regional airfields.