Our association – member of ACI Europe


As the old saying goes, „good things come to those who wait”. Of course, we did not just wait passively. We worked hard to make this happen and our goal has finally materialized. We just received news that the Board of ACI EUROPE has approved our application for ACI membership, so V4+ Airports is now an official member of ACI EUROPE.
From the beginning, we were saying that V4+ Airports Association should work closely with ACI EUROPE. Months of hard work have finally paid back and now we will be able to put those words into action. A big thank you and congratulations to everyone involved, both, on the V4+ Airports and ACI EUROPE side.

Success of WIND Conference 2024 and Exciting Future Plans!

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the Women Innovation Days (WIND) Conference 2024 in the beautiful Bohinj Valley, Slovenia! This landmark event brought together inspiring women leaders from across the aviation industry to share their stories,...

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Report – V4+ Association 2022-2024

SELECT LANGUAGE: EN | PL DOWNLOAD (PDF) 04.2022 – 04.2024 The aviation industry's severe experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of a functional platform that would enable the exchange of experiences and enhance cooperation among airports in...

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WIND2024 – Save the date

We are delighted to be able to announce a new event we are organizing for women in the aviation sector. This coming June, the first conference dedicated to women in Central Europe will take place in a beautiful Alpine valley. Suistanable journey, travel retail,...

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