Director of ACI World visiting Poland


Work is currently underway on the formal establishment of the organization. One of its first activities will be joining ACI Europe.

Strengthening international relations and increasing PPL’s involvement in cooperation with ACI World are the most important points of the meeting hosted by the Polish Airport State Enterprise.
Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horała met with Luis Felipe de Oliveira of ACI World, to discuss strengthening international relations. The meeting was attended by the CEO of PPL Stanisław Wojtera and the President of the Management Board of Kraków Airport, Radosław Włoszek.

During the meeting, the topics of strengthening cooperation between the entities were discussed, as well as the involvement of the V4+ Airports association in activities in the international arena. PPL wants to improve and extend the project development that makes the V4+ Airport group an important partner in the discussion on the future of the aviation market. The relationship between V4+ Airports and ACI will contribute to further exchange of experiences between the airports associated in the organizations and will strengthen the position of European airports on the international arena.

An important element of the meeting was the development of a model of cooperation between the entities and the exchange of experiences in the field of current topics important for the functioning of airports.
The meeting and the accompanying press conference were a response to the crisis caused by the pandemic. It is also an important step towards rebuilding the aviation market. Airports have the potential for further growth, especially if they work together.

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