V4+ Airports – Opening

Airports from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland have already declared their willingness to participate in the initiative. But the list remains open. We hope that in the nearest future other airports will join us, so that we can work together to restore the strong position of the aviation industry. V4+ Airport Group’s key values are:


We want European airports from our region to collaborate and help each other in all areas, where it is possible and economically reasonable.
The airport industry needs quick exchange of information. The Association will provide a platform for experts from the narrow field of airport management to share their experience and ideas. We would like to develop standards that through synergy will improve the competitiveness of V4+ airports.


We build trust in V4+ Airport Group in by acting in a responsible manner. We take full responsibility for our actions. We want to set a good example for other airports and establish long-term relationships with our partners. We are open to new directions of development and we value cooperation the most in our activities. We set ourselves ambitious targets and meeting those targets requires from us continuous development.



The coronavirus pandemic was an extremely difficult time for the aviation industry. It resulted in bankruptcies of airlines and paralyzed the operations of many airports. With gradual return of air traffic we are convinced that the worst is behind us and that we can once again be optimistic about the future. But there are challenges ahead. And some of them require joint efforts.

Statutes of the Association

Having regard to opportunities and challenges of the aviation market, the Founders have decided to form the V4+ Airports Association. The Association is an initiative whose goal is to improve the functioning of the aviation market and the associated logistics and transport infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on the aviation market in Central Europe.

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We present to you the brochure of the V4+ Association.

What makes V4+ Association unique is that it opens its doors to various tourist agencies, aviation associations as well as regional and international airports and airlines that know their market from the inside and are able to share their perspectives and knowledge on dealing with different challenges. Working together with a team of professionals, V4+ Association takes active part in discussing, promoting and advancing innovation aiming to take the aviation industry to the next level. Among others activities, we achieve this by organizing a periodic Airport Innovation Roundtable conference, which debates with the representatives of the global aviation industry the most important aspects of the aviation ecosystem, the most current topics related to the development of the aviation industry, including the influence of global and regional aviation authorities and the involvement of ACI Europe, with which we closely cooperate. Nevertheless, the most important element of the conference remains innovation in the aviation industry.

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